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Read about Johnny Farley! :)

Here's a link to the most awesome John Farley interview EVER!  (Caution... bad words, sexual references, other fun stuff)

(Look on the left side of the screen, click on 'interviews" and "Flying Farley Brothers")

The sixth annual Comics Come Home, a benefit for the Chris Farley Foundation, took place despite the absence of headliner Jim Breuer Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Wisconsin Union Theatre.

Performers included John Roy, 2003 Star Search comedy winner; Tim Kazurinsky, actor from "Police Academy;" The Farley brothers, improvisational comedians from the acting school Second City and other comedic acts.

Breuer intended to return and host the event as well as perform with his comedic heavy-metal band but was snowed in in New York. He has promised to come in January for another performance, but plans for that trip had not been settled as of Saturday.

"It\'s unfortunate that Jim Breuer could not be here tonight. He is a very funny comic and he would have added a lot to the show, but the most important thing is to come here and support the Chris Farley Foundation and I think it\'s going to be funny no matter what. With or without him," said audience member Nicole Worden, a recent graduate of UW-Madison.

To compensate for Breuer\'s absence the local band Jimmy\'s Comet played and the comedians present performed extended sets.

The Chris Farley Foundation is about six years old and was organized by Chris Farley\'s immediate family after the actor\'s death due to a drug overdose in December 1997. The Foundation aims to prevent substance abuse among children, teens and young adults, using humor as a tool to communicate their message. 

"It is important to me to be a part of something that is doing something in the right direction," Kazurinsky said. "You do not have to be high to be funny."

Comics Come Home is the largest fundraising event for the Foundation and has included acts such as David Spade, Tom Arnold, Bob Saget and Dave Chappelle in the past.

Tom Farley, Chris Farley\'s father and president of the foundation, noted the significance in holding this event in Madison each year.

"This is a Madison foundation.  No matter what we do around the country this is where we are based and so we want to connect to the hometown where Chris grew up," he said.

Tom Farley added while ticket prices might not have been affordable to students, a portion of the money raised at the event will filter back to UW-Madison. He named the All Campus Party, a week of campus-wide, substance-free events, as an event that the Foundation regularly supports.


John does a commercial with the Packers coach!

`buffo' Boffo As Packers Coach

The Capital Times :: FRONT :: 2A

Friday, May 7, 2004
Doug Moe

MAYBE WE should call this one "A Star Is Born." Perhaps more accurate would be, "The Ego Has Landed."

"Next we remake Goodfellas,'" Joe "Buffo" Cerniglia was saying Thursday. "Joe Pesci is out and I am in."

Earlier this week, Cerniglia -- a renowned Madison character and recent past president of the Italian Workmen's Club -- was in Green Bay acting in a television commercial with no less than Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman.

The commercial, for Cellcom Cellular, was produced by Madison-based John Roach Projects, and Roach tapped Cerniglia for the role of an assistant coach at the urging of John's colleague and brother, Jim Roach.

"He was great," John said. "He stole the show. Except he kept asking me, What is my motivation?' "

Cerniglia said he had a bit of a problem with the script because it identified his character as a "huge" assistant football coach.

"I don't want to be typecast as huge," Cerniglia said.

He said he talked to Sherman about his years as general manager of the semi-pro Madison Mustangs, recalling one Mustang player, Sonny Redders, who played for the Mustangs both before and after a short stint with the Packers.

In the Cellcom spot, Cerniglia is grilling steaks for the football team. His lines: "Thirty pounds should be enough." And: "Don't forget the bibs."

The commercial, which will air this summer, also features Madison natives Kevin and John Farley.


Young People Taught Refusal Skill

GROVE CITY (August 17, 2004) - First Lady Hope Taft teamed with Tom and John Farley, brothers of the late Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Farley and O.S.U. students to provide improvisational comedy training for twenty Ohio high school students at the Buckeye Ranch in Grove City. The training is part of the First Lady's Smart and Sober effort to help children refuse alcohol. The students traveled from Toledo, Cincinnati, and the Columbus area.

"I am proud to be a part of this effort to give young people another tool to refuse alcohol, tobacco and other drugs," said Mrs. Taft. "With over two million kids ages 12-17 already bingeing on alcohol, teaching young people a usable skill is needed to help keep all Ohio's children Smart and Sober."

The young people spent the day learning techniques to hone their comedic talent that can also be used as communication tools to help resist the use of alcohol and other drugs. At 3:00 p.m., the students performed before a live audience of parents and guests using the skills they acquired at the training.

"Young people naturally possess humor and seek ways to have fun and that is an important part of the Farley Family tradition," said Tom Farley, President of the Chris Farley Foundation. "In loving memory of Chris, we want to teach kids how to channel this great asset into a life-long skill to assist them in making healthy life choices."

Chris Farley died in 1997 from complications resulting from his abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

The young people trained today will demonstrate their comedic skills at Mrs. Taft's second Smart and Sober Celebration for Ohio's middle school students on October 6, 2004 at the Jerome Schottenstein Center at The Ohio State University campus. Mrs. Taft started the Smart and Sober campaign to help raise awareness of the need to prevent early use of alcohol.

Smart and Sober is FREE and open to all children in the fifth to ninth grades. For more information, please visit or call First Lady Hope Taft's Office at (614) 995-2000.

# # #Contact: Marcie Seidel, Chief of Staff, Office of the First Lady, at (614) 995-2000.



WITH YOUR HOSTS (on the East,Oct.28- Nov.22, 2003):
(yes, Chris’ brothers)
It’s a massive,first-time-ever,National Lampoon event!
• A comedy club experience brought to your campus
• National Lampoon is filming the tour for a reality
• Students will vote on their favorite comics and will
National Lampoon’s King of the Road
• There’s “Toga Trivia” which gives students a chance to win
prizes and a walk-on role in a National Lampoon production
• Rare film an TV clips from National Lampoon’s 33 year
• A portion of your school’s fee will go to The Chris Farley
Foundation which promotes a message, through comedy, to
teens and young adults to “Think, laugh and live
responsibly when it comes to drugs and alcohol.”
• Celebrating 25 years of ANIMAL HOUSE (now on DVD!)
Text Box: TO BOOK: Terry Gunderson @ GFI 650-568-3429

The most recognized brand name in comedy is going on
the road. College shows will never be the same.
Introducing National Lampoon’s newest
generation of hilarious stand-up-and-comers:
Text Box: DON’T MISS THE BUS!Text Box: Text Box: TRISH SUHR
Girls Behaving Badly
National Lampoon’s
Funny Money
Clubs everywhere
Late Night with
Conan O’Brien
Comedy Central’s
Premium Blend
Montreal Comedy
Text Box: …and your hosts:
MTV’s Suspect
Montreal Comedy
Winner of Seattle
Intn’l Comedy
The Tonight Show
HBO’s Def Comedy
Jam All-Stars
Clubs everywhere

FOUNDATION is a huge college comedy experience celebrating the Fall 2003 DVD
release of National Lampoon’s Animal House. This show promises to deliver some of the
best talent and entertainment that comedy has to offer.
There’s stand-up comedy, a DJ, the TOGA TRIVIA game, promotions, giveaways and we’re
showing clips of the greatest scenes from classic National Lampoon films and shows like
TOGA TRIVIA: This event will send your students clamoring for tickets. Students who attend
the show dressed in a toga will have a chance to play TOGA TRIVIA the winner of TOGA TRIVIA
will get some great prizes and be entered into the grand prize drawing to win a walk-on role
in a National Lampoon production.
We’re blanketing the USA with 3 bus tours that will run in the Eastern (Oct. 28- Nov. 22, 2003)
hosted by Kevin and John Farley, Central (Jan. ’04) and Western (Mar/April ’04) regions of the
country for a total of 12 weeks. There’s a total of 14 comics, 4 hosts, and 3 DJs who will stop at
a total of 60 campuses leading up to a final, multi-media blow out event in Hollywood, CA that
will determine the first ever “National Lampoon’s King of the Road.” This winner will be
result of voting from the students at every school…and it’s all being filmed for TV!
VOTING: A pre-selected group of 250 students at each venue will be part of the exclusive
“National Lampoon Fraternity of
Judges” and will get to vote for their
favorite comedian. Votes from each
school on each leg of the tour will be
accumulated and, the champion from
each leg will qualify to perform in
Hollywood, CA.
Along the way, the comics will know the
number of votes they received and where
they stand in the rankings. The
challenge for them is to be funnier and
funnier at each show in order to gain
enough votes to insure a spot in the
finals in Hollywood. Students can follow
the tour on the internet and correspond with the comics on the road before and after the tour
hits your school.
We’re shooting a reality series as well. It’s Real World meets the Presidential Primaries in
a comedic arena that has yet to be seen…inside the mind of a comedian on the road.
Cameras will be rolling at the shows and on the bus 24/7 and will put your school right in the
middle of the newest, funniest reality show from National Lampoon.
Text Box: Text Box: TO BOOK: Terry Gunderson @ GFI 650-568-3429

8pm showtime
TOGA TRIVIA: In honor of the DVD release of National Lampoon’s ANIMAL HOUSE (Aug. 2003),
National Lampoon will award a walk-on role in an upcoming National Lampoon production.
Students who attend the COLLEGE COMEDY SHOW wearing a toga, will receive a raffle ticket upon entry.
At a designated time in the show there will be a drawing and 3 lucky students will be brought on stage to
Students will compete by being quizzed on scenes, dialogue, actors and anything you can think of from
National Lampoon films. The winner of TOGA TRIVIA will not only be more knowledgeable than most of
the staff at National Lampoon, but will win some great prizes AND be entered into a drawing that will
consist of all the TOGA TRIVIA winners from every college at which the show is performed. That’s a 1 in
60 chance to win a walk-on role in a National Lampoon production!
The grand prize drawing will be held during the “King of the Road” final show in Hollywood (April 2004)
on a live webcast on as well as being broadcast on National Lampoon Networks.
Text Box: 7:30pm Doors open
7:45 DJ starts
8:15 Film clips/SPONSOR promo spots
8:23 Host
8:33 Comic 1
8:43 Host
8:45 Comic 2
8:55 Host
8:58 Comic 3
9:08 Host
9:09 TOGA TRIVIA (see “Toga Trivia” page)
9:30 Host/Comic 4
9:41 Host
9:43 Comic 5
9:53 Film Clips/SPONSOR promos
10:00 Wrap Up/End of show

National Lampoon has a 32 year history in publishing and entertainment. It began in
1970 as a groundbreaking magazine, led by comic geniuses Doug Kenney and Henry
Beard (former editors of Harvard Lampoon), and magazine publisher Matty Simmons.
National Lampoon offered a comic perspective not yet seen in the industry, and it set a
standard that would never be matched.
National Lampoon soon invaded other forms of media and, with shows like LEMMING’S,
became the springboard for talents such as Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, John Belushi,
Christopher Guest, and Harold Ramis, to name a few. To this day, National Lampoon
is the most widely recognized brand name in comedy. In fact, it has 93%
brand recognition in males 15-50. For a 32 year-old company, that’s a lot of staying
No matter how you know National Lampoon, either from the magazine, VACATION,
ANIMAL HOUSE, or most recently VAN WILDER, you know National Lampoon and your
kids know National Lampoon. It’s a trusted name and to 68% of those people, it
means general comedy.
The time has come for new projects to emerge from National Lampoon and give you,
your kids and their kids fresh laughs and a new generation of Chevy Chase and John
Landis talent that will carry on the National Lampoon traditions of funny, edgy,
quality entertainment.
Here’s the best part: National Lampoon has a built-in, loyal audience. If we build it,
they will come. They will come to see and they will tune in to the latest endeavor and
they will not be disappointed.
Randi Siegel
National Lampoon
10850 Wilshire Blvd., #1000
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Terry Gunderson



The Dickie Roberts Premiere
Tom, John, and Kevin Farley

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