Johnny Farley is Awesome!

Important Details that YOU need to know about John Farley
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Johnny Farley Statistics...

Birthday: October 29,1968
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Hair: light brown
Eyes: pretty and blue
Height: 6'  1 1/2"
Weight: 185 lb
Shoe Size: 12 (try finding any other celebrity's shoe size on a fanpage, won't happen!)
Dating status: Married to the beautiful, talented actress, Jennifer Herron (May 21,2005)
Childhood Nickname: "Johnny Jump Up" (Chris named a character in a SNL sketch "Johnny Jump Up" after him!  The Fondulac Dance sketch)
High School: Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island
College: Regis University in Denver, CO (where his brother Tom said he "skied a lot"). His major was business marketing.
TV Debut: On "Roseanne" on November 30, 1993
Film debut: a "background character" in Tommy Boy
Saturday Night Live Appearances: John was an extra in a Gap Girls skit, and he was in "The Whip Master" sketch with Chris and Bill Murray
# of times played a police officer: 5
# of times played a security guard: 2
# of times that he has mugged a little old lady: 0
# of movies that he has been in with family members: 13
# of times Kevin pinched him in Artie: 1
# of times John has made me retch: 3 (as Scooter in "Artie")
# of movies that John has been in: 20 (so far)
# of those movies that I have in hand: 15
#of those movies that I have downloaded on my computer: 2
(A Soft Embrace, The Perfect Candidate)
# of those movies that I cannot find on video or DVD: 3
(A Soft Embrace, The Perfect Candidate,
#of John Farley movies that I have never seen: 1
( aka It's a Secret)
#of John Farley movies that haven't been released yet, to my knowledge: 2
(, and Deuce Bigelow Part 2, which will be out August 12, 2005, and I will be VERY excited to see!, and "Benchwarmers")


please don't sue me, anyone... I'm just trying to spread the love!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!