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Hi everyone! This is where I'll give you info about John's work on the "big screen"... (See for lotsa details!)

Hollywood & Wine 2009- Big brother Kevin is directing, and the cast has a bunch of SNL stars- I can't wait!!! John helped write it, and he's co-producing it!!!

House Broken 2008 "Nate"- I need more info... 

The Gold & the Beautiful 2008 "Erik"- This comedy looks funny, but of course it will be when John graces the screen with his "Comedy Gold"! 

Get Smart (2008) "Agent 38" -This is in theaters now, and looks really cute. I can't wait to go see it!!! 

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) "Tom" This is in theaters now also! I can't wait to see it! John is even in the extended preview!!! 

Wieners (2008) "Cornelius Worthington the III" - I found this DVD at WalMart. John was a homeless junkie (but the movie is a comedy- I swear!). Keenan Thomapon is really cute in it. The movie is funny, and probably would've been rated PG if there weren't gratuitous bad language and boob shots (which my husband immensely enjoyed!). John did a good job- I don't want to give anything away, but make sure you watch it until the end!!!

Diamond Dog Caper (2008) "Dad" This is a Disney movie that John is in with his brother, Kevin. Kevin dicsussed it during an interview. There is a link on youtube. 

Strange Wilderness (2008) "Doctor" This movie was very silly. I went to see it the day it came out in theaters because John is in it! He had a small part as a doctor who helps when someone has an, umm, "issue" with a turkey. I bought the dvd and you can see John in the background of some of the special features, but not interviewed or anything.

Extreme Movie (2008) "Sex Ed. Teacher" -I can't find this movie. Anyone else have any info? 

"My Name Is Earl" .... Annie (1 episode, 2007)
    - Frank's Girl (2007) TV episode .... Annie - Well, I guess that I finally have to get a box set of "My Name is Earl" because I missed this episode. :(

Final Approach (2007) "Jimbo" This was on the Hallmark station a couple of weeks ago, and my dvd recorder didn't record it. I hope it comes on again soon! 

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007) "Criminal" John does the voice of the guy who is stuck upside down and Chuck and Larry have an argument when they are saving him. According to the special features, that's not even John's leg! :( 

Believers (2007) "Glasses" I need more info 

Blonde and Blonder (2007) "Swan" I bought this the day it came out on DVD. It was really silly and cute, and John and Kevin had pretty big parts. They did a great job! Make sure to watch the special features on the dvd to see interviews with John and Kevin!

LA Blues (2007) "Cop #1" I need more info... 

The Weekend (2007) "Host" This was supposed to be a show with some guys discussing things, but I looked and looked and never saw it on the air out here.  

Hollywood Dot Com (2007) "John"- This is the movie that has become my Holy Grail. It was written by John's mother and father in law, and stars John, his wife, and Kevin. It is being produced by John's in laws, but I can't find it anywhere.  There is a hilarious trailer that John and Kevin made and it's up on you tube. there is NO information anywhere about where I can see this movie. Grr!!!

"Frank TV" .... Various (2 episodes)
    - Episode #2.1 (????) TV episode .... Various
    - Episode #2.2 (????) TV episode .... Various

I'd love to see this but I have no info. Is that the Frank Caliendo show?

What News? (2007) (TV) .... Rod Powers -I'd love to see this but I have no info

Double Tap (2006) .... Harold "Nerd" Spellman - yet another movie I've been searching for on the internet forever.

The Benchwarmers (2006) Swimmer Boy- What a great movie! I even have the poster hanging in my office at work!  John is freaking hilarious in this movie. He wears a speedo and plays the "special friend" of one of the rival coaches. I love when he's in his speedo sitting in a kiddie pool and he spills his nachos and cries, I love when they're playing the card game and John goes all weird and tells the guy all the things that he should do" to him... A cute movie, and a MUST for any John Farley fan!!!

Click (2006) Our favorite actor John Farley demonstrates his diverse talents and takes on the role of "Nose Picker". I went to see it in the theaters, and didn't see John (I am usually able to spot him right away). I have the DVD and don't see him in it. I guess his part wound up on the cutting room floor, which sucks. It is a good movie though, and Nick Swardson's part is very funny (I usually think everything Nick Swardson does is funny but that's a topic for another website).

Intellectual Property (2006) "Accident Man" There are cool pictures of this on imdb but I've never seen the movie.  Anyone know where to find it? John plays "accident man" and he must have a bad one, because in the pic I found he's covered in blood. (I added it to the "photos" page)

Loving Annabelle (2006) "Male Detective" John doesn't have a very big part in this, only a bit part at the end. It took me  along time to find this movie- I finally found it on netflix. (It was also on LOGO the other night). A really interesting drama, and a good movie. It's about a female student who becomes involved with her female teacher. Very well written.  

"Arrested Development" .... Clerk (1 episode, 2006)
    - Fakin' It (2006) TV episode .... Clerk -I became a HUGE fan of arrested development when I started watching because I was trying to see this episode. Rumor has it there will be an Arrested Development movie- whoo hoo!

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (1 episode, 2005)
    - The Korean Bookie (2005) TV episode - Great show, still haven't seen the episode with John. :(

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005) "Naked Bike Cop" - Watch the special features!!!!! This was the funniest thing in the world, and never should've been cut from the final movie. Just watching the special features and see how much fun this was made me crack up!!! John plays the naked bike cop. This defies words. You HAVE to buy the Deuce 2 dvd and check out the special features. John proves that he is NOT a shy man when he wears a flesh colored thong that has fake pubic hair glued to it, and encourages the cameraman to get a shot of his butt. Very sick. I almost peed my pants laughing, and my husband was VERY scared. :)

Back to Norm (2005) "Terrorist"- I taped this off of Comedy Central when it aired. It was pretty funny, and I wish they had made it into a regular serries.  

The Perfect Candidate "Frank Grimes"- I love instantfilms!  John was the "nice guy" in this one, and he did a great job! I loved it! John plays the assistant to a politician who is a real bozo. I can't say too much without giving the ending away. It's really fun when John is on the phone arguing with a doctor about his boss's positive DNA test for being the father of a baby. John says "I talked to your mistress, and she feels the same way." and I don't know why, I just like that part. Yay John! He really did a great job. He is so cute in this!

To download, go to:
  1. "8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter" .... Owner (1 episode, 2004)
    ... aka 8 Simple Rules (USA: new title)
        - Mother's Day (2004) TV episode .... Owner - This is a cute show, and David Spade again got John involved (we love you David Spade!). He owned this cool classic car, and the kid on the show washed it for him (the grandfather wanted to buy the car- and it has a funny ending that I won't give away).

"It's All Relative" .... Danny (3 episodes, 2004)
    - Who's Camping Now (2004) TV episode .... Danny
    - Ready, Aim, Sing (2004) TV episode .... Danny
    - What's Up (2004) TV episode .... Danny

A Soft Embrace (2004) "Edgar"- Whoo Hoo!  John plays "J.Patrick" who tries to bring his wife, Emily back to life... he has a surprising result. It is REALLY cute, and John is just great in it. He has the lead role. His wife is in it too (could Jennifer be any more cool, talented and pretty???)! :) It is an instafilm, a movie that was written, scored, and filmed in 2 days! He even wears this pimp looking robe with JPF initials. If you want to see John actually get a chance to act, or if you want to see him brush his teeth, this is the movie for you. To download, go to:

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) "Referee"- C'mon David Spade, throw John a meatier bone!  Another "Pause your DVD to actually get to see John" cameo... He is the referee for the boxing match between Webster and Dickie. During David Spade and Fred Wolf's commentary, which is really funny anyway, they talk about John during his scene (actually, during the boxing match, David Spade says "There's John Farley back there; he counts this as screen time" but that's okay, because like 2 seconds later, John the ref kicks Dickie in the butt.)

Eight Crazy Nights (2002) (voice) .... Cop #2 -8 crazy nights is an animated (but not schlocky) holiday movie made by Adam Sandler. It is pretty cute, and definitely worth a watch. Warning-there are a lot of jokes that my 8 year old finds hilarious, so if that's not your kind of humor, then you might think that some of it is immature; I umm... do have kind of an 8 year old sense of humor, so i laughed out loud in a few parts (which, let's face it, is pretty rare when you're watching kid's movies). Additional warning-there are things that are (not wildly)innappropriate so if you are going to watch it with an eight year old, be ready (when my daughter asked me what an "erection" was, i told her that's when we vote for the president).

The commentary with Allen Covert and Adam Sandler doing his Whitey and Elenor voices is really funny on its own. They talk about John about a million times during the entire commentary. "I didn't know John could dance". Adam Sandler even asks Allen Covert "What's with you and John Farley" because he is talked about so much! If you watch that movie enough (and my kids are obsessed with it, so I have) John's cop character is in a few scenes where he doesn't have lines, you can even see "Cop #2" playing basketball and dunking. Yay!
... aka Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights (USA: complete title)

"The Ellen Show" .... Del (1 episode, 2001)- missed it- I'm sure John was great as always
    - Alive and Kicking (2001) TV episode .... Del

Corky Romano (2001) .... Ice Cream Vendor -This one was cute, and it was REALLY fun playing 6 degrees during it... (For example, one of the other agents is Kevin's partner from "Frank McKlusky"- and is also Wade from Gay Robot which is freaking hilarious)... John is the ice cream vendor who has trouble with a mob dude who doesn't know how to read and can't pick a flavor. John has perfected that "looking at someone like they're crazy"  face. Good job, John! :)
... aka Corky Romano: 'Special' Agent (USA: complete title)

Joe Dirt (2001) .... KXLA Security Guard Oh yeah, baby, THIS is what cameos are all about! ;) John is REALLY funny as a security guard at the beginning of the movie. After watching this, my husband and I quote it all the time, especially John's part... We do really horrible John Farley impressions and tell each other things like "Don't try and church it up, son"... which just goes to tell you what a sicko I am... ANYWAY!  A must for your John Farley collection! (And watch it with David Spade's commentary on to hear him imitating John... priceless!)
... aka The Adventures of Joe Dirt (Canada: English title: TV title) (USA: working title)

"The Norm Show" .... Guy at Bar / ... (2 episodes, 2000-2001)- John had a clip from this on his website but I've never seen it anywhere else.
... aka Norm (USA: new title)
    - Norm's Free (2001) TV episode .... Guy at Bar
    - Norm vs. Jenny (2000) TV episode .... Sam

The Animal (2001) .... Other Mob -Well, this movie was cute, and my husband has a thing for that girl from Survivor, so that was good. John is in the second to last scene, standing behind Rob Schneider's puffy hair. At one point, he looks like he's about to bite Rob Schneider, so that's fun. John is wearing this really weird leather outfit; he even has a leather hat!  He looks kind of like a guy that the Village People rejected. Squint your eyes and press slow motion to see John in this one. If you watch it on TBS superstation- John has an extended part and is really cute in it- however- it is NOT in the special features on the DVD, which makes me want to push Rob Schneider into a mud puddle- I wish he realized that there are some of us who only go to see a movie to see John Farley- quit cutting all of his lines and scenes!!!!

Little Nicky (2000) .... Human Dartboard Another blinkandyoumissit John role. He plays a human dartboard. He says, "Oww... mama!" when a dart is thrown at him. Actually, that might be Kevin saying the line, there were originally 3 dartboard heads, Kevin's parts were cut. Honestly... like they couldn't have given him a bigger part... Oh well.

"Bette" .... Dracula (1 episode, 2000)
    - Halloween (2000) TV episode .... Dracula - I didn't see it- but John usede to have a pic of himself in his Dracula cape on his website.

Artie (2000) .... Scooter  A pretty funny movie, and by far John's biggest role in any of the movies that I own. He plays a frat guy named "Scooter" (who wins at casino night and pays for the keg!) and he has a few memorable scenes (He finds out that his junior high prom date is a porno queen!)... He has a few vomiting scenes that made me retch the first time that i saw them. John must be a  REALLY good actor who is amazingly dedicated to his craft, because he looks like he was eating cat food! Gross!  Anyway, how can you not love a movie when Johnny Farley has to say the line "Donny's right, you know. we need that ass of yours!" Be sure to check out the special features to see when John didn't know that they were filming and he's muttering under his breath "Oh my God, I can't breathe..." during the cigar smoking scene. now there's a dedicated thespian! :)
... aka Big Wind on Campus (USA: new title)
... aka F.A.R.T. the Movie (UK: DVD title)

Garage: A Rock Saga (2000) .... Cult Leader Gary A Rock Saga- OMIGOD!!! I finally got it!  And John and Kevin are in their "Devil Worshipper" gear!  A freaking awesome movie!  This is, of all John's roles, the one that made me laugh the hardest. John and Kevin are leaders of a devil worshipping cult. My favorite part is when they have everyone gathered in the hotel room, and they are waiting for the devil to come, someone says that it's past midnight when he was supposed to appear. Kevin and John completely naysay this, saying like "Him being late just makes him more evil" and John throws hot water into Kevin's face like it's holy water and other fun stuff... and John and Kevin make VERY cute hairdressers!  And at some point in life I am going to get a cat and name it "Dad"! I had a LOT of trouble finding this movie, I never would have found it without help (thanks Leo!) It is AWESOME and you should DEFINITELY get it!!! You can also order the soundtrack and the 2 cds that Park put out before it (Thanks JoetheAnimal!)

You can order it at:

"Frasier" .... Records Clerk (1 episode, 1999)
    - The Late Dr. Crane (1999) TV episode .... Records Clerk - Oh yeah- I stayed up until 4 am to tape this!!! :)

"Thanks" .... Henry Tungsley (4 episodes, 1999)- Joh n had a big role on this show, and he did a good job. He had clips of it on his website but I've never seen it anywhere else.
    - Thanksgiving (1999) TV episode .... Henry Tungsley
    - Marriage (1999) TV episode .... Henry Tungsley
    - Privacy (1999) TV episode .... Henry Tungsley
    - Pilot (1999) TV episode .... Henry Tungsley

The Straight Story (1999) .... "Thorvald Olsen, Tractor Mechanic" This movie has gotten amazing reviews all over the net!  It's a g-rated David Lynch movie. It really was terrific!  John and Kevin brought their mother to see it when it was screened in Cannes. John is an overall wearing mechanic with a twin brother (Kevin) who he fights with constantly (they are the 'Olsen" twins!).   

The Breaks (1999) .... "Police Officer"  A really un-pc, funny movie. John and Kevin are redneck cops in "da hood"... they even have rebel flag patches on their uniforms. John was really funny in this; when he says, "The South's gonna rise again, boy!" he looks like he's lost his mind! He has these 3 slobbery dogs and he gives them milk out of his hat... You should really get this one!

The Waterboy (1998) "Tony Dodd"  John plays the guy who administers Bobby Bouchet's high school equivalency exam. They show Coach Klein talking to him on the phone (of course, you don't see or hear John at this point, but at least his charatcer has an official name!)... Later, when Bobby is ready to take the test, John steps away from the desk (he steps over the chair, probably because the people are so close on either side of his desk...) and gives Bobby the exam, tells him that it's the equivalency exam, and walks back to the desk, and sits back in his chair... yay John!

Almost Heroes (1998)  "Bartender" -John plays a bartender. When a fight is about to break out in the bar, he offers double his wages to anyone who will cover his shift... Again, you've got to look carefully

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) "Policeman"- Kevin and John are police officers who try to catch Haru and end up catching his "big brother" instead... Look really carefully...

Black Sheep (1996) .... Bouncer -John is really cute as a security guard at the Rock the Vote concert (with Kevin and Chris)... You don't have to pause the DVD to see him in this one; you even get to hear him talk! (Baby steps...)

"The Sports Bar" (1996) TV series .... Regular Performer - no clue. Anyone else know if John was on this???

Tommy Boy (1995) (uncredited) .... Roy Tommy Boy (1995)- John is an extra; you can see him as a factory worker in a few scenes, but get ready to pause your dvd to find him... After some guy says "Tommy just sold a half a million brake pads" you can see Kevin and John dancing together... Yay!

"Roseanne" .... Male customer (1 episode, 1993)
    - The Driver's Seat (1993) TV episode .... Male customer- Haha! I finally taped this- I had to staty up and catch a Roseanne rerun at 3am. Thank goodness for pause buttons otherwise you would never know that John was in this one! ;(

The Making of 'Blonde and Blonder' (2007) (V) .... Himself - John and Kevin are interviewed in the special features on the Blonde and Blonder DVD. Worth a watch and a chuckle.

Just the Two of Us (2005) (V) .... Himself - This was a nice special feature that was on the Tommy Boy Holy Scheike edition DVD extras about David Spade and Chris Farley- make sure you watch all of the special features on that DVD, they are great!!!

Growing Up Farley (2005) (V) .... Himself - This was a really nice interview that John and Kevin did for the Tommy Boy 10th anniversary Holy Schnike edition extra features about growing up in their family with their brother Chris. Beware for flying ashtrays, John!!!

"Howard Stern" .... Himself (1 episode, 2001)
    - Episode dated 22 March 2001 (2001) TV episode .... Himself- missed it... :(



Oh yeah! John kicks David Spade's butt!
(from Dickie Roberts


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