Johnny Farley is Awesome!

Talk About John...

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Look!  Lots of people talking about Johnny Farley!

"Johnny and Kevin Farley-Keep up the good work"-Tom Arnold in "How I Lost 5 pounds in 6 years"
"This is Johnny Farley... (imitates John)... Don't you mean, Joe Dirt? Heh, heh, heh, heh..." -David Spade in his commentary of Joe Dirt  
"Now there's John Farley. John Farley plays the security guard here. Spade wanted to cast both of Farley's brothers, Chris Farley's brothers. Love those Farleys"-Dennie Gordon in her director's commentary of Joe Dirt
"There's John Farley back there; he counts this as screen time" -David Spade in David Spade and Fred Wolf's commentary of Dickie Roberts  
-------------------------------------------------------------------         8 Crazy Nights Commentary with Allen Covert and Adam Sandler as Whitey and Eleanor
"Who's this crybaby?"-AS when John's police officer cries when Davey licks his car goodnight.
"The Farley Brothers!" AS when Kevin's panda appears
""Is Johnny Farley in this?" AS
"Yeah, the cop, he's one of the cops." AC
"Hey! There's John Farley!"-AC when John goes to arrest Davey in the mall
"Look at those guys doing the boo-foo"-AS (as Eleanor) when John and his police partner are caught in a compromising situation!
"Who's this?"-AS
"I think it's uh, John Farley" -AC
"Wrong, idiot. it's Grady"-AS
"Why'd you say John Farley?"-AS
"'Cause he's a cop in the movie!"-AC
"There's Johnny Farley!" -AC
"I didn't know John could dance" AS
"Yeah, he's good, look at him" -AC

Please don't sue me, anyone... I'm just trying to spread the love!

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