Johnny Farley is Awesome!

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John Farley's show isn't typical "stand-up". It's actually an improvised act, and sketches.
Think less Chris Rock/Eddie Murphy stand up, and more of a Saturday Night Live/Mad TV/Whose Line is it Anyway mix.
In any event, it looks like it would be awesome to see, and lots of fun!

Here are some things that John has done during performances...
*At a Comics Come Home event he and Kevin were The Flying Farley Brothers, really untalented trapeze artists who eventually gave up trying to peform stunts and started beating the life out of each other.
*At another Comics Come Home event, John and Kevin played hillbilly serial killers. They publicly apologized the next year in case they had offended anyone, but that sounds pretty funny to me... (Maybe I am just sick!)
*When they were opening for David Spade in San Jose, CA, John and Kevin recorded part of the show and put it up on their website.  ( John "wins" the jackpot, but it is really monkey butts!
John was trained at Second City in Chicago, where Del Close developed new improv techniques that set new standards for the medium. The following is an explanation courtesy of
"The Harold", is a long-form improv technique developed by Del Close. At a time when most improvisation mainly focused on creating single scenes, Del devised the Harold as something not unlike a sonata form. Several themes would be established, a community of characters would be introduced, and then the resulting scenes would play off each other in comedic counterpoint - characters from one environment moving to another and phrases and images recurring, each time accruing new meaning. Going to this from conventional sketches was like going from arithmetic to calculus. (Why was it called the Harold? When he introduced it, one of his students said, "Del, you've invented something, you get to name it." Del said, "Well, the Beatles called their haircut Arthur, so I'll call this Harold." He later regretted the flipness. "Probably my most significant contribution and it's got that stupid name.")  
He was performing Monday nights at the Improv Olympic West in LA, but his group isn't on the schedule right now (John says everyone is too busy)... To check out his schedule, go to  John is in the Alexis Steinkamp performing group.

Please don't sue me, anyone... i'm just trying to spread the love! 

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!