Johnny Farley is Awesome!

What's in a name?
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The world is a scary, scary, place, full of JOHN FARLEYS!!!

Most of the Farleys that I've heard of are part of John's family. We love Kevin and Chris and Tom, as well as all of the other Farleys that stay out of the public eye... However, after exhausting research (mostly exhausting because I'm doing it at 3 in the morning when the kids are asleep) I have found LOTS OF OTHER JOHN FARLEYS!
There is a John Farley the meteorologist, John Farley the clothing designer, John Farley the sociologist, John Farley the college professor, and even John Farley the monster truck competitor.
Here are links to some other fun "John Farley" sites!
This one is really special... it's another John Farley, a bluegrass guitar player, who has a group with his brother called "The Farley Brothers" (Good thing that John and Kevin are "The Flying Farley Brothers" so they don't get sued!)
John Farley Clothiers -get into "John Farley" pants!
John Farley- Professor of Sociology at Southern Illinois University at  Edwardsville (his site has a joke page!) 
John Farley-NBC Meteorologist!
John Farley- Lacrosse Player
The John Farley Research Group!
John Farley- architect for the American Society of Irrigation Consultants
John Farley- Bike racer (look out Lance Armstrong!)
John Farley-Energy Consultant (His site has a humor link!)
John Farley- from the band "One"- this picture is really fun. This John is wearing a psychedelic shirt and a leopard spotted cowboy hat... Don'tcha wish that you could see this site's John Farley in that getup??!!
This is a family site for another John Farley family, this guy also calls himself "Farls" (ala Kevin's friends in high school, according to a 2gether article) Cool! 
John Farley- Harrier Aircraft test pilot! (Is that how he's traveling to Amsterdam?)
This Dr. John Farley wrote a book called "Stop Getting Older"
John Farley-Off-roading 4 x 4 champion!
All right... This is getting creepy and weird... The moral of this page is that when you Google "John Farley", you will find many strange things and people (stranger than our beloved star of FART the movie!) 

Please don't sue me, anyone... I'm just trying to spread the love!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!