Johnny Farley is Awesome!

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Here are some phrases that have been uttered by The Wonderful John Farley...

(Talking about Kevin being in 2gether) "It's ridiculous! He's a grown man, for God's sake, and he's wearing Bungle Boy pants!" -People Magazine 8/21/00 article (sidenote- after reading that, I can never hear someone talk about "Bugle Boy" pants without cracking up)
(Again talking about Kevin) "It's hilarious to see him dancing. You wouldn't expect that to come from Kevin- singing and wearing braces."-People Magazine article 8/21/00
"You! Hands in the air!" -Beverly Hills Ninja
"It's him! The white ninja!" -Beverly Hills Ninja
"Where's the fire?... oh yeah?... Like that move" -Black Sheep
"Why don't you step on out of that car there, boy."-The Breaks
"Whooo, hoooo, hoo... Looky looky" -The Breaks
"C'mon now, sir. Why don't you step on over to the curb, now. we wanna see you" -The Breaks
"Follow me, c'mon boy. They won't hurt ya... So do they now..." -The Breaks
"The South's gonna rise again, boy!" -The Breaks
"See ya later, freak!" -Artie
"Lesbo!" (after being rejected by a pretty girl) -Artie
"I find you really attractive" -Artie
"I love keg beer!" -Artie
"Hey, I paid for this!"-Artie
"C'mon Bear, you got it!"-Artie
"Hey, Mister!" -Artie
"Oh my God, I can't breathe"-Artie (outtakes)
"Oh... Action" -Artie (outtakes)
"Donny's right, you know, we need that ass of yours" -Artie
"My junior high prom date is a porno queen." -Artie
"He once gave me a DWI test for sucking on a tequila flavored lollipop." -Artie
"The Louisiana High School Equivalency Examination consists of 300 multiple choice questions. You have 3 hours. Good luck to you, sir."
-The Waterboy
"Hidalgo!  With all his men?" -Almost Heroes
"Double my wages for anyone who will take my shift!" -Almost Heroes
"Dont't try and church it up, son. Don't you mean Joe Dirt? Naming you that, your Daddy must've really hated you." -Joe Dirt
"Hold up... Ho! Radio Station ID" -Joe Dirt
"I've got a good name for this car, Rusty" -Joe Dirt
"Don't bother. Just drive this piece of crap off a cliff, do us all a favor." -Joe Dirt
"YOU SUCK! Did he hurt you, baby? heh, heh, heh" -Joe Dirt
"The winner!" -Dickie Roberts
"No, no, no!" -Dickie Roberts
"Save your 'sorries' for the judge!" -8 Crazy Nights

See ya later, freak!
John as "Scooter" in FART the Movie

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