Johnny Farley is Awesome!

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Let's show John a little love! :)

Welcome to the most unofficial, adoring, crazy-obsesso, Johnny Farley fansite on the web! Enjoy!
I'm always updating the site... keep checking back for more fun! 
New News:
The biggest thing right now is that John was extensively interviewed and was very generous to share many thoughts and memories of his brother Chris in the biography "The Chris Farley Show" by Tom Farley Jr. (another one of John's older brothers) and Tanner Colby. The book was wonderful, and it made me laugh and cry- they tried really hard to show all sides of Chris, not just the funny ones. It vwas beautifully done, and we fans appreciate John Farley for all of his contributions. there are also lots of pictures and anecdotes about John- who was an absolutely ADORABLE baby!!! It really is a must read for any Chris or John Farley fan.
Congratulations again John and Jennifer!!!!! John and Jen now have a second baby!
Rowan Elizabeth Farley, born 12/20/06. 3 lb 14 oz and already 10 pounds ( as of 4/15/07)!!! 
John Farley's gonna be a DAD!!! Jen's pregnant! Hooray! Baby is due March 1, 2006 and it looks like a boy, possibly to be named Harrison Thomas. Congratulations John and Jen!!!
AND NOW...  The Johnny Farley lookalike contest!  Enter yourself, your friends, your kitten!  Send a pic to
In August 2005, John's brother Chris FINALLY got a star on the Walk of Fame!!! John, Jen, and his family were at the ceremony, check out the photo page! :)
Prism Awards were given on the FX Network on September 4, 2005. John and his brother Tom accepted a President's Award for the Chris Farley Foundation... Keep up the good work, John!

John at the Comedy Festival 2004

John, Chris, and Kevin Farley on the Tonight Show


Please don't sue me, anybody... I'm just trying to spread the love!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!