Johnny Farley is Awesome!

"John Farley" eBay Auctions
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I'm always searching for John Farley stuff on eBay. Here are some weird auctions that I've found...


This auction was for an old picure of a Schooner boat, named the "John Farley", circa 1915.


"Majority-Minority Relations" by John E. Farley 4th edition- Sociology textbook


"Sociology" by John E. Farley- Intro to Sociology textbook


This is a book about the singer "Aaliyah" by a fella named Christopher John Farley. He also wrote a book about Halle Berry, and I think he writes for a bunch of magazines. He has the dubious distinction of having the same name of 2 of our beloved Farleys, yet not being a speck in the oceans of coolness that are John Farley or Christopher Crosby Farley. Sigh...

Please don't sue me, anybody.... I'm just trying to spread the love!!!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!