Johnny Farley is Awesome!

Movie Game
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Name which Johnny Farley movie each picture is from. 

We'll start with some pics of John "in uniform"...
(Answers are on the bottom of the page, but no cheating!)

1. John is the man in uniform on the left...
Which movie?

2. John in uniform again!
Which movie?

3. John is on the right, in uniform yet again
Which movie?

4. More John Farley in uniform!
Which movie?

5. Even more John in a uniform! (He's on the left)
Which movie?

ANSWERS: 1.The Breaks, 2. Beverly Hills Ninja, 3.Black Sheep, 4.Joe Dirt , 5.Eight Crazy Nights

Please don't sue me, anyone... I'm just trying to spread the love!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!