Johnny Farley is Awesome!

Why is John so great?
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Please give adulation where it is due...

John is a really funny, talented, yet not-too-famous actor. He really needs a street team to spread the word! How can you not love a guy who has dressed as a human dartboard and said the worst movie line of all time... "Donny's right, you know... we need that ass of yours!"
Seriously though, John has made an impact on me...and I've never met him. I was on bedrest with my last pregnancy, and both of my parents were in the hospital (Mom had a heart attack, Dad had congestive heart failure, a blood infection, and his kidneys failed), my older daughter started getting in trouble at school, and my younger daughter was having trouble gaining weight. It was a horrible time in my life. I was very scared and sick.
My doctor told me that I had to de-stress, because my blood pressure was getting too high, and furthering my chances for a pre-term baby (imagine that -CALM DOWN or you'll hurt your baby! Very relaxing words!)... He told me to listen to Enya and meditate. Well, I tried that. Did nothing for me.
I decided to try my own "therapy"... "Cheesy Comedy Therapy"!  I watched Joe Dirt, FART, The Waterboy, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Coneheads, Beverly Hills Ninja, Wayne's World, Wayne's World 2, Almost Heroes, Little Nicky, Airheads, Legally Blonde, Big Daddy, Dickie Roberts, Dirty Work, Caddyshack, Caddyshack 2, Animal House, Office Space, Bring it On, Shallow Hal, Billy Madison, Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, Eight Crazy Nights, the Wedding Singer, 2gether, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion,  As Good as it Gets, and every Saturday Night Live tape that has been made (that I could find).    
Big improvement right away!  Eventually both of my parents were released from the hospital (Mom had another heart attack in August, but she's recovering, Dad is getting dialysis and is waiting to get on the kidney donor list, but is otherwise well), my older daughter shaped up in school, my younger daughter has gained 10 pounds and my pregnancy was full term (born only 3 days before her due date!) and my baby was healthy.
So now, everything is good. But I'll never forget how bad I felt, and how good it felt to be able to laugh when things were as bad as I could imagine.
While I was watching John in Joe Dirt, I had my first laugh in what seemed like ages. John Farley made me smile when I was really down... and for that, I will always be a fan.     

John in Joe Dirt

Please don't sue me, anybody... I'm just trying to spread the love!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!