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Ode to Sam
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John has a dog named "Sam"!!!
Update! "Sam" now has a sister! A fawn-colored 2-year-old pug named "Daisy Mae". John reports that the 2 doggies get along! :)

This dog isn't Sam, but it's still cute!
I'm not flying out to CA and climbing John's fence to get a picture of his dog! Sorry!

What Daisy Mae might look like...
Nope, I'm still not flying to CA and climbing a fence!

Why is Sam such a lucky dog?
1. John got him at a shelter.
2. He is some kind of lab, and most shelters have trouble placing big dogs.
3. He eats John's doors and runs away, but John still loves him!
4. He gets to hang out with JOHN FARLEY!!!
Yay Sam!
(I wonder if John gives Sam the Dog milk out of a hat sometimes, like his character in "The Breaks" did!)
If you want to be more like John Farley, and you have a lot of love and patience, and the extra room, time, and money to adopt a labrador retriever, here is a great website:
Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.
Or visit your local shelter, it's sure to have nice furry four-legged friends to love!

Please don't sue me, anyone... I'm just trying to spread the love!

Check out John's official site; it is much cooler than mine!